5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Office for Your Dublin Startup

a-view-of-a-street-in-dublinDublin is one of the best cities in Europe for starting a business. Its economy runs on a diverse range of industries and the government also supports small and medium enterprises. The tax policies are favourable, the costs of living are affordable and the city’s location provides access to both the UK and the European markets.


These are just some of the reasons why many entrepreneurs choose to launch their ventures here.


Most of them start their businesses from their homes. They meet clients in hotels or cafes and strive to get their ventures off the ground. This is a lot for anyone to do.


So if you’re just starting up, here are five reasons why you should get an office space in Dublin.

1. Central Location

Many office providers are established in the main business areas of the city. So hiring a virtual office or serviced suite from them instantly gives your venture a prestigious business address. For example, the Dublin Office Centre is located on Trinity Street which is one of the most well-known business addresses in Dublin.


These areas have a plethora of amenities which make everyday work easier. A wide of variety of eateries allows you to step out for lunch and quick links to public transport lets your employees and clients reach your workspace.

2. Support Services

writing-something-down-on-paperWhen you start a business, you have to take care of many things yourself. You have to manage the accounts, handle the calls, sort the mail, pay the bills and handle hundreds of other small things too.


Another great benefit of leasing an office in a business centre is that many of these small things are taken care of for you. The Mespil Business Centre, for instance, provides clients with a dedicated mailbox, collects and forwards their mail, answers phone calls, forwards their calls, takes messages and also offers car parking at very economical rates.

3. Meeting and Conference Facilities

Regardless of whether you get a virtual office or a private suite, all business centres provide meeting room facilities to their clients.


Some centres also have dedicated training or conference rooms making it easy for you to accommodate large groups of people. Others have video conferencing equipment which allows you to participate in video calls in a professional office setting.

4. Networking Opportunities

people-meeting-at-a-business-eventA great business location gives you access to great networking opportunities. You get to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, collaborate and share experiences.


Some centres also hold networking events and encourage their clients to mingle with one another. If you’re based in South Dublin and have been in business for three years, then you can take advantage of the PLATO network program. This is an initiative of the Local Enterprise Office and aims to help small businesses succeed. Participants get expert advice and training from experienced individuals and also attend networking events in Ireland and overseas.

5. Time and Cost Savings

Having a dedicated office ultimately results in time and cost savings for your business. You don’t have to rush from place to place to meet your clients which saves a lot of time.


a-few-coinsOffice supplies, printers, scanners and even coffee is readily available. Working from a business centre ensures that you get maximum value for your money because resources are shared between multiple tenants.


It also means that you will have virtually no set up costs. The space comes furnished and is maintained by the onsite staff. If any issues arise, you don’t have to spend your valuable time getting things fixed. All of this is taken care of by the management so that you can focus on your work.


Although finding the perfect office space can be a time consuming and daunting task, FindMyWorkspace.com makes it easy for you to search for an office anywhere in the world. Start your search right now by going here.