6 Advantages of Coworking and Serviced Offices in Brisbane

view-inside-an-officeServiced offices and coworking spaces offer an ideal solution for entrepreneurs looking for flexible office space.


Coworking areas are usually large open spaces shared by multiple people. On the other hand, a serviced office is a separate, private, lockable space which is leased by a company or a single individual.


In both cases, the space is maintained by the onsite staff. They take care of the day-to-day operations and make sure that everything is running smoothly.


The demand for these spaces is steadily growing in cities throughout the world. Along with serviced offices, coworking in Brisbane is very popular.


Here are some reasons why.

1. They’re Economical

Many small and medium businesses prefer to lease these spaces because they are very cost-effective.


All of the serviced offices and coworking areas in Brisbane come fully furnished and ready to use. You don’t have to spend countless days contacting vendors, ordering furniture and supervising layout. So there are virtually no setup costs.


The cost of amenities, repairs and maintenance is shared between multiple tenants which results in more savings.


For example, you can get a workspace in Little Tokyo Two (a well-known coworking facility in Brisbane) for AUD. 20 a day.

2. Easy Terms and Conditions

This is another great benefit offered by these spaces. Many facilities will allow you to increase or decrease your space according to your needs.


As opposed to traditional leases, the contracts are easy to understand. You don’t have to worry about being tied down with long-term leases. The terms are flexible and can be tailored to fit your requirements.


It’s always possible to ask the staff for extra support and pay for the service depending on the usage.


These areas are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it’s very easy to come and go according to your schedule.

3. World-Class Location

a-view-of-skyscrapers-in-brisbaneThese facilities are mostly situated in the central business district and therefore offer a great business address.


They are close to restaurants, shops and cafes and have quick links to all forms of public transport. You’ll also find excellent parks, museums and entertainment centres just a few minutes away.


For example, Eagle Street Pier is one of the busiest areas in Brisbane. Many shoppers visit this locality and because of this many businesses look for space here. Conventional space is too expensive on Eagle Street Pier but you can get a shared office at a fraction of the cost.

4. Business Grade Amenities

You’ll find that the printers, scanners, internet connections and phone lines in these centres are all business grade.


Work areas and meeting rooms are outfitted with ergonomic furniture. Along with state of the art video conferencing equipment, these facilities also have a shared reception, pantry, showers, breakout areas and round-the-clock security.

5. Work-Life Balance

The numerous amenities available in these centres encourages clients to have a good work-life balance.


The lounge and breakout areas allow you to destress. Some facilities also have a game room where you can socialise with other members. You can work by yourself but you don’t have to be alone.


The in-house pantry ensures that you have snacks readily available. If you feel like it, you can also go to the nearby cafes and restaurants and grab a bite to eat.


Some spaces, like the Gravity (in the Brisbane CBD), provide bike racks so that you can ride your bike to and from the centre.

6. Business Connections

people-meeting-at-a-business-eventThe concept of a shared facility is to bring like-minded people together so that they can collaborate and share ideas.


Coworking areas and shared offices both provide an ideal collaborative environment for their clients. You get to meet entrepreneurs and business owners and share your experiences.


You can find talented individuals to help you grow your venture or you can even get hired to work on someone else’s project.


Many facilities hold networking events and encourage interactions between their clients and the community. Mentorship programs are also common and allow new business owners to learn from the best in the field.


The Coterie (a coworking space in Brisbane) for example, holds accelerators and mentorship programs for startups in the fashion industry.


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