6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Office Space in Brisbane

a-view-of-brisbane-CBD-and-brisbane-riverBrisbane is the third largest city in Australia in terms of population and is a leading financial centre in the country. Its economy is run by finance, tourism, information technology, education, paper milling, metalworking and petrol refining industries.


The city is also home to numerous multinational corporations and because of this, the demand for office space near Brisbane is always high.


Regardless of whether you’re a startup or a large organisation, here are six tips to help you find a perfect office in the city.

1. Location

Different areas of Brisbane are popular with different industries. Various financial institutions and international firms are based in the central business district.


Toowong is popular with retail businesses and also boasts several modern office buildings. IT firms prefer Fortitude Valley while the West End houses art institutions.


Depending on the nature of your venture, you’ll want to be close to your potential customers, partners and competitors. The CBD is the most desirable area but startups might find it difficult to establish themselves here.


A great alternative is to look in suburbs just outside the central city. These areas enjoy direct links to the CBD and provide space at very economical rates.

2. Cost

a-few-coinsNaturally, you’ll want to find the perfect space within your budget. This can be difficult as both A and B grade buildings in Brisbane saw an increase in rents during 2017.


Due to this numerous organizations are now looking to lease offices in shared facilities. Serviced offices in Brisbane cost around AUD.600 to AUD. 1000 per month. They also provide a plethora of amenities along with the space which is great value for the price.


If you’re looking outside the CBD, then you can get a serviced suite for as little as AUD. 400 per month.

3. Flexibility

Ask the landlord for a copy of the contract and read it thoroughly before committing to a space. Are the terms and conditions flexible enough? Do you have a suitable exit clause?


Can you meet the payment terms and how much is the security deposit? Do you get a grace period for setting up the office before the lease starts?


You won’t encounter these issues if you opt for serviced offices or coworking areas in the city. They offer friendlier terms and conditions. For example, you can increase or decrease your space according to your needs and the lease periods are considerably shorter.


Coworking areas are even more flexible. You can simply walk in, use and pay for the space on a day-to-day basis and not get any recurring charges.

4. Amenities

meeting-roomWhat are the extra amenities in the building? Does it have meeting rooms, waiting areas, in-house cafes, broadband internet connections and stable phone lines?


These facilities are common in commercial buildings and make everyday work easier. Many larger buildings also offer parking areas, shared conference rooms, bike racks, kitchens and showers. They might also have indoor gyms, concierge services and daycare facilities. For Example, The Waterfront Place provides an hour of free parking for visitors near their main entrance.


Be sure to have a list of amenities you’ll need before visiting the space. That way you can easily shortlist the buildings which meet your criteria.

5. Accessibility

bus-in-brisbaneCan your clients, partners and employees reach your office easily? Is it easy to find? If your workspace isn’t easily accessible, your potential customers will avoid visiting you which translates to lost sales. You can also lose good employees if they find it difficult to get to work.


Ideally, your office space should be close to major roads and within walking distance of various modes of public transport.

6. Layout and Design

What does the building look like? The structure should be visually appealing so that it has a good impact on your company’s image. Casual and laid back workspaces are popular with IT startups while law firms prefer a more formal setup.


A traditional office is like a blank canvas which can be renovated according to your company’s brand. On the other hand, a serviced facility will provide a fully furnished space which you can move into in a couple of days.


Whatever your requirements are, FindMyWorkspace.com makes it easy to search for an office space anywhere in the world. Start your search by going here.