Benefits of Using Coworking Spaces in Melbourne

coworking spaceThe term Coworking refers to a style of work which combines the organisation and community of a traditional office space with the independence of freelancing.


This idea was first put forward by Brad Neuberg in 2005 and now coworking areas can be found in numerous cities across the world including Melbourne.


Due to their countless benefits, many entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers and startups prefer to use coworking spaces and some of these are detailed below.


1. Ready to Use

A coworking space comes fully furnished and ready to use. These are easy-going open spaces which can accommodate several people at a time and might also have couches, coffee tables or even a vending machine.


In addition to workstations, desks, chairs and internet connections, numerous setups also boast round the clock security, on-site coffee shops, meeting rooms, showers, car parking, and video conferencing facilities.


The cleaning, maintenance and day-to-day operations of the space are managed by the on-site staff so that you can simply come in and get straight to work.


Some facilities also offer receptionists who answer your phone, greet your guests and manage your mail.


2. Flexible Conditions

As compared to a traditional office space, the terms and conditions associated with a coworking facility are very flexible.


Their contracts are not lengthy, easy to understand and can also be customised to suit your needs.


Many co-working areas are open 24/7 so you can set your own work hours and use the space according to your requirements.


3. Affordability

paying via cardCoworking areas are very economical. You don’t have to pay a security deposit, invest in any setup costs or buy any office equipment.


You can walk in, use the facility for a day, pay for the usage and then come back to use the space again after a week or two without any recurring charges.


Various amenities like printers, scanners, conference rooms and pantries are also available in these centres on a pay-per-use basis.


This is a major benefit of coworking areas especially since office rents are up by 4.2% in the Melbourne CBD.


3. Business Address

Coworking facilities are usually located in or around the central business district and can, therefore, provide startups and entrepreneurs with a well-known business address.


These spaces also offer an impeccable professional image to all of their clients because they are mostly situated in grade-A office buildings.


Some of the best coworking spaces in Melbourne can be found in the Southbank, Richmond, Bourke Street, King Street, Fitzroy and Collingwood.


4. Top-Notch Facilities

Another great perk of a coworking space is that you get access to top-notch, business-grade amenities.


Internet connections and phone lines are very fast, secure and reliable. Even if they do go down, back up connections are available.


Generators are installed to safeguard against power outages. Janitorial services and maintenance providers keep the centre clean and keep things running smoothly.


Many facilities also have CCTV cameras and key card systems to ensure security.


5. Avoiding Isolation

Signing up for a coworking area lets you work by yourself but not in isolation. Interacting with like-minded people in a cooperative work environment will leave you feeling energized and will have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing.


6. Increase in Productivity and Creativity

working in a coworking spaceOperating out of a coworking environment increases your efficiency, creativity and productivity. It’s far more effective than working from home which has a multitude of distractions.


Getting out of the house to go to a proper workplace will get you in a work frame of mind. You’ll also have access to professional training and development programs and you’ll also be motivated by other entrepreneurs and business owners sharing the space.


A proper workspace will also let you clear your mind so that creative ideas can flow freely.


As compared to working from a café, you won’t be distracted by the food or drinks since the pantry is in a separate area.


7. Networking Opportunities

business networkingA coworking facility is not just about renting a workspace, it’s about allowing people from similar or different professions to work, share ideas and collaborate with one another in a fun and flexible office setting.


You get to meet, share experiences and learn from entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries.


Many co-working facilities regularly host networking events which gives their clients the opportunity to socialise and expand their professional networks.


These events allow you to find talented individuals for your endeavor. You get opportunities to market and grow your business and can even get hired to work on someone else’s project.


Known as the entrepreneurial capital of the world, Melbourne hosts several startup events throughout the year. These events are attended by hundreds of entrepreneurs and aim to inform, motivate and inspire.


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