Benefits of Using a Virtual Office


A Virtual Office is a service provided by many business centres across the world.


It offers you the look and feel of a corporate setup without the huge price tag. When you sign up for the service you get a prestigious business address, dedicated phone line, call handling, mail management and professional reception services.


You don’t have a physical office in the facility but many operators offer complimentary hours for meeting room use with their virtual packages.


In this article we’re going to take a look at some benefits associated with using a virtual office.


1.Cost Saving



Since you’re not renting an actual brick and mortar office, using a virtual service actually results in considerable cost savings for your business.


Virtual offices come at a fraction of the cost of a regular workspace and also allow you to pay for various services as and when you use them. You can easily control your operating costs while maintaining a professional corporate image.


Multiple amenities such as phone lines, meeting rooms, internet connections, AV equipment and teleconferencing facilities are readily available in most facilities and you don’t need to spend time or money setting up your own systems.


You also don’t have to worry about the utility bills, buying furniture or the daily running costs of the space. This frees up much needed capital which can be invested in the business.


2.Global Talent


Another perk of using a virtual space is that your employees don’t have to be geographically bound. This gives you access to skilled workers and freelancers from all across the globe.


3.Minimum Commute Time


Your virtual workspace gives you the freedom to work from the comfort of your home or your local cafe. You and your employees don’t need to spend time getting ready for the office and commuting to and from the work place.


Of course travel times are not completely eliminated as you’ll need to be out and about to have meetings with your clients and in some cases your employees.


4.Increased Productivity



As you and your employees spend more time focusing on the actual work and not worrying about getting stuck in traffic, you’ll see a notable increase in productivity. Employees are generally happier and more efficient when allowed to work on their own schedules. This also results in lower turnover rates.

5.Multiple Locations


Many operators provide virtual services in more than one location. This is a huge advantage for any organisation or startup as you can increase your clientele geographically by having an office in a different city or country.


6.No Moving Issues


Another advantage of using a virtual address is that no matter how many employees you hire, you’ll never run out of office space to accommodate them because they will all be working virtually. Your business will never need to shift to a larger space and consequently you’ll never have to deal with the hassle involved in moving to a new business location.


7.No Long Term Agreements



When hiring a virtual office you won’t have to worry about lengthy or long term agreements. Contracts are usually just one page long and written in simple English. Many operators offer this service on a quarterly or even a monthly basis providing you with greater flexibility in running your operations.

8.Bespoke Packages


Some amenities are standard with virtual services provided by various operators but at the same time it’s very much possible to add or remove services and have your package customised according to your business model. Numerous operators are flexible in this regard and will gladly accommodate you especially if you sign up for a period of several months.


9.SEO Advantage


If you’re targeting clients in a particular area then having your business come up in online searches for particular keywords in that locality is a big plus point. In this regard having a business address and phone number in your target area will increase your reputation and ranking on Google.


This is where a virtual office comes into play. Using this service you can operate in various geographical locations simultaneously even though you’re actually working out of the comfort of your own home.


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