Why rent Office Space in Doha?


Qatar may not have been too popular in the international headlines as its rich neighboring cities Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but it actually is very wealthy. Thanks to its large natural-gas and oil reserves, it is the biggest exporter of natural gas in the world, which lands her the title as the richest country with her really high per capita income.


Business offices in Doha have flocked the populous city, to take advantage of the world’s fastest growing economy. Currently, the number of expats and overseas workers exceeds that of the local Qataris. Even then, the emirate retains its Islamic roots; customs and practices are widely respected and observed all over the state.


Doha, one of the seven municipalities of the Qatar state, is situated on the coast of the Qatar peninsula by the Persian Gulf. It holds 60% of the overall population of the country. It is also the largest city and the capital of Qatar. Although Arabic is the national language in the country, the English language is widely used as most of its residents are non-Arabic speaking.


The Doha that we have now is so much different for the poor fishing village that depended on pearl diving that it was as written in the pages of history. Right now, it has modernized with time and is eyed to become a center for international trading and travel.


Qatar’s economy is heavily dependent on its gas and oil exports. With its vast desert landscape it also heavily relying in imports for food sources. Currently, however, the Qatari government is slowly diversifying its economy to lose off some of its dependence on oil. In fact, it is looking into other industries such as tourism, finance, real estate, and construction. With this, more multinational companies are going into business in Qatar.


Before a company can trade in the country, the government mandates that the company should have an office. Offices in Doha need to be registered with the city. The process can be tedious and long that is why many businesses sort to serviced offices. With that setup, the company will have no more need for registration as the office is pre-registered by the owner or management. Co-working spaces and virtual offices in Doha are as hassle-free and easy, however, the company will not be registered to trade in the country.

Choose Doha


It is an established fact that Qatar is not so much an open country as the city of Dubai, where foreign investors may be given free reign and ownership over their companies. Qatar law prohibits this and mandates that 51% of a business should be Qatari-owned. Foreigners or expats are also bot allowed to own under their names real estate properties, except on a specific area designated for them.


With all the restrictions and strict implementation of their Islamic laws and beliefs, anyone can easily notice how foreign investments are still coming in, and manpower from different neighboring countries continue to pour in. So why Doha?


Qatar, when it comes to tourism promotion, is not as loud as Dubai. One could not find so many reviews about its to-visit places. However, in terms of development, it is not too far behind Dubai considering the year it started to invest in projects that would greatly attract foreign investors. For years Qatar has been self-sufficient in its economy that is highly dependent on its production and exportation of oil and gas. These times, though, the government boasts of its diversified economic non-oil and gas-dependent industries.


In line with the diversification of the Qatar government of their economy to lessen their dependence on their hydrocarbon commodities, it is seriously and heavily investing in education. It believes that they are proofing the future of their state, through investing in top-of-the-class education, in case their oil and gas run out. With this, more and more opportunities come in the education sector. In fact, eight international universities, most coming from the United States of America, have setup world-class campuses in Qatar.


Establishing your business in Doha is the most preferred and easiest route for businessmen to enter the general business state of Qatar. The capital prides itself of the projects that be taking lead in the planned developments of the government of Qatar. To add to that, people from all walk in life in Doha, feel safe by the different security measures that the state promises and provides.
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