Serviced Offices in Japan

Office Space in Japan

Located in the Pacific Ocean (to the east of mainland Asia), the sovereign island nation of Japan has the third largest economy in the world according to nominal GDP. It holds considerable influence in the East Asian region and is a member of the United Nations, the G20, the G8, the G7 and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

With a highly educated workforce, Japan is home to some of the most advanced industries and manufacturers of automobiles, tools, electronics, ships, textiles, steel works and chemicals. The country is the third largest producer of automobiles in the world. It also excels in various service industries which run about three-quarters of its economy. Since the country has 20 World Heritage sites, it also attracts a considerable number of international tourists every year.

Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are some of the most famous cities in Japan with co-working spaces and serviced offices available at different locations.

Tokyo Area Information

Tokyo 2Tokyo is considered as one of the main financial centres of the world. Office space is available in the city in the following areas.

Chuo City is the centre of Tokyo and houses foreign retail brands along with notable multinational corporations.

Chiyoda City is the financial and political hub of Tokyo. The seat of the Emperor along with the offices of the national government can be found in this district. The area is also well known for outlets dealing in computer goods.

Several embassies are located in Minato City. It is also home to numerous internationally renowned companies including Fuji Film, Credit Suisse, Google Japan and Sigma Seven.

Toshima City is serviced by the Ikebukuro Station which is the second busiest train station in Tokyo. This is also a famous entertainment district and the offices of a popular convenience store are also situated here.

Tokyo’s busiest train station is located in Shinjuku City. Some of the tallest buildings in the city including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office can be found here.

Located on the Tokyo Bay, several companies have established their headquarters in Shingawa City.

The Tama Area (Western Tokyo) mainly acts as a residential district but office space is also being set up in the area.

In terms of pricing, serviced offices in Tokyo start at around ¥ 2000 per person per month and can go up to ¥ 150,000 per person per month depending on the amenities provided and the location of the space.

Osaka Area Information

Osaka 2Osaka is the second largest urban area in Japan. In addition to an excellent railway system, the city boasts a bus service, two airports and a ferry service which has international connections to Korea, Shanghai and Tianjin.

Central Osaka is divided into two areas called Kita and Minami. Umeda is a well-known shopping and business district in Kita and is also home to a large number of skyscrapers. Minami is the most central area of the city and offers a wide range of lifestyle amenities including entertainment centres, retail outlets, fashion houses, cultural centres and restaurants.

Semba is a business district situated between Kita and Minami. Many banks and multinational corporations have set up their headquarters in this locality.

The west side of Osaka is popular with tourists and houses attractions such as Universal Studios Japan, the Kyocera Dome and the Tempozan Harbour Village.

In terms of pricing, serviced offices in Osaka start at around ¥ 39,000 per person per month and can go up to ¥ 150,000 per person per month depending on the location and facilities provided.

Nagoya Area Information

Nagoya 2Nagoya is the third largest city in Japan and is well known for various industries including aviation, automobiles, robotics, electronics, ceramics and machine tools. Office space in Nagoya can be found in the following areas.

The Naka district is the central region of Nagoya. The Opera house, major government offices and a   famous underground shopping complex known as Sakae is situated here. The area is serviced by the Kanayama station which is the second most important railway station in Nagoya.

The Atsuta district is the home of Nippon Sharyo while the Higashi district houses the offices of the Nagoya Broadcasting Station and Tokai Television Broadcasting.

The Kita district sees a considerable amount of commercial activity while the Minami ward acts as a hub for heavy industries. The Mitsubishi plant operated in this district until the year of 2000.

The Nagoya port (one of the busiest ports in Japan) can be found in the Minato district.

Monthly rents for serviced offices in Nagoya vary depending on the location and amenities provided.