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76090, Queretaro State

Querétaro, Queretaro State - 76090

From $12000 per person per month

This office is fully furnished and also includes services that will help you to be more efficient, surrounded by an executive environment. Give an exceptional image and service through trained staff to receive your customers, answer your calls, receive your correspondence and manage your office in a first level environment.

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76140, Queretaro State

Querétaro, Queretaro State - 76140

From $12000 per person per month

This office offers the best quality is in an environment of business work, with integral solutions so that the clients can dedicate themselves to their business, without worrying about the administration of their space. This office seeks to be a tool for the growth and productivity of each of the clients. This office facilitates companies and entrepreneurs the development of their business, helping to reduce costs in infrastructure, services and tools they may need. This office also promote relationships with other companies, strengthening and increasing your network of contacts and business

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Armando Birlain Shaffler, Querétaro

Querétaro - Armando Birlain Shaffler

From $5000 per person per month

This is an architectural complex that integrates luxury and comfort with advanced technology, completed in 2013. It is situated in the best area of the city, and is an important space for the community, that brings together residential, business and shopping center… all in the same place and linked by an integrated design landscape. The business center is located at Mezanine of Tower 2. Clients have access to excellent amenities such as meeting rooms, equipped offices, coffee station, lavish reception, business lounge between many other things you might need in order to achieve your goals.

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AV ANTEA, Queretaro State

Querétaro, Queretaro State - AV ANTEA

From $12000 per person per month

This office is located in the best areas in Querétaro. This office is luxury and the best image for your company. It has easy access to public transport. This office is business work environment. All of the workspaces are designed with furnishings created exclusively for this office. You can find your office with glass walls to maintain natural light without sacrificing privacy. This office has different atmospheres within each location, so that you and your team, as well as your guests, will be inspired and comfortable.

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Bernardo Quintana, Queretaro State

Querétaro, Queretaro State - Bernardo Quintana

From $3200 per person per month

This building is near where all the growth of the city is happening. Is surrounded by restaurants, hotels, business and banks. This co-working space is located at a penthouse where you can unleash all your creativity. This building has the address that you deserve as there are many amenities.

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Blvd. de las Ciencias , Querétaro

Querétaro - Blvd. de las Ciencias

From $4200 per person per month

The idea behind this office space is to help create an efficient process where office space and set up time are concerned. The space is built up the professionalism of the staff and installations within the building. The co-working aspect of the building is designed to create a networking environment between businesses with common growth goals.

With this office space a business can reflect the company’s professionalism and level by meeting the specific needs of your business and all the services required to operate your business in any of the modalities offered by this space.

There are multiple options throughout the centre, for a personal space in a strategic location there are private, fully furnished offices.

Another option with this centre is a virtual office where you are able to remotely operate your business with all of the benefits and services, which adapt to your specific needs.

Through the concept of collaborative working spaces , you can operate your business more efficiently, in terms of space, with all of the benefits available at the centre.

FULLY EQUIPPED MEETING ROOMS: We create an ideal ambience for every occasion in which it is required to demonstrate the reliability and professionalism of your business. From atmosphere and furniture to lighting, we design spaces to promote effective and efficient meetings adding a greater value to your company.

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Chilpancingo, Querétaro

Cuauhtémoc, Querétaro - Chilpancingo

From $2000 per person per month

This business center provides virtual offices and meeting rooms with A-grade technology, infrastructure, security and property management. It features a high-spec personalized telephone answering service, exceptional amenities, ergonomic furniture, an excellent corporate image and a prestigious, strategic location on flexible terms without initial investment.

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Paseo Monte Miranda, Querétaro

Querétaro - Paseo Monte Miranda

From $7652 per person per month

This space is an innovative and technologically enhanced office building with spectacular views, strategically located in the most important industrial corridor of the state of Querétaro. The highly renowned landmark building benefits from a number of stunning panoramic views, controlled access, in-house video surveillance circuiting, four large elevators, a dining area, interior walls with thermal and acoustic insulation and a multitude of professional conferencing facilities on site. Secure parking provision for both users and visitors is widely available, as is the spectacular and impressive reception area.

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Prolongación Tecnológico, Querétaro

Querétaro - Prolongación Tecnológico

From $7000 per person per month

This modern building was constructed in 2010 and represents some of the most innovative, luxurious and technically equipped office space provision in Mexico. Each office includes a range of provided facilities and amenities including one executive chair, two visitor chairs, a desk with telephone and one IP phone line and high speed internet connection included as standard. Basic services include cleaning daily, phone answering, security, six hours of meeting room use included monthly, water, light, coffee, mail reception, message centers and specialist technical support from the trained assistance team and on-site management staff.

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