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Anderlechtstraat, North Brabant

Eindhoven, North Brabant - Anderlechtstraat

This modern building complex found in the historic city of Eindhoven boasts a range of smart office units which come fully equipped, to the highest standard, and ready to use as soon as you move in. This striking complex are found with a beautiful and contemporary building, with a stunning interior bound to impress both you and your guests. The offices allow for great views of the city around you.

You can relax in one of many communal spaces, including a shared lunch/lounge area – this is the ideal place to meet community members and network. The smart office units range in sizes, making it the perfect for any organisation; whether you’re looking for a small office or a larger unit for your team. Offices have a cleaning service to keep your work station looking professional and tidy. Other facilities include high speed fibre optic internet for excellent connectivity, access to meeting rooms as well as an impressive reception.

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Eindhoven Airport, Eindhoven

Eindhoven - Eindhoven Airport

From €399 per person per month

Situated in a modern building with an attractive entrance, right in the business district situated around the Eindhoven Airport. Many large financial, logistic, service and SMEs are located in this area. On the ground floor you’ll find a welcoming area, an espresso bar, a Belgian Beer café, a fitness area, many free casual lounges, a library, meeting rooms and more. On the First floor you find inspiring workplaces, such as co-working and flexible workstations, all with the highest level of innovation and technology. This is the perfect work space solution for optimum versatility and practicality.

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Emmasingel, North Brabant

Eindhoven, North Brabant - Emmasingel

From €550 per person per month

Located in a modern building with a stunning entrance, this business centre is located right in the city centre. On the ground floor of this impressive building you will find a welcoming area with reception, a beautiful espresso bar and Belgian beer café. You can also benefit from a fitness area serviced by a personal trainer. Other floors offer beautiful fully serviced and fully furnished private offices, co-working spaces and flexible workstations. Workstations are fully equipped with innovative technology and everything you need to get started. Your membership includes a range of on-site facilities including a restaurant, courier and mail services.

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Fellenoord, Eindhoven

Eindhoven - Fellenoord

From €177 per person per month

This centre is located in a modern building, offering a wide range of facilities such as a lounge area, a videoconferencing studio and dry cleaning services. Moreover, there is 24-hour access so you can work through late hours and beverages onsite so you can work through late hours comfortably. This is especially ideal for companies that may need to contact clients across different time zones. You can convene meetings using the space’s conference and videoconferencing facilities, as well as attractive, well designed meeting rooms. There is also IT support so that your company can remain well connected throughout your occupancy.

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Flight Forum, Eindhoven

Eindhoven - Flight Forum

From €241 per person per month

This business centre is in a modern building with a welcoming covered main entrance located in the business district around Eindhoven Airport. A number of large financial services companies are based in this area. Eindhoven was named the most intelligent community in the world by an international think-tank because of its holistic approach to collaboration and development.

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Hurksestraat, Eindhoven

Eindhoven - Hurksestraat

From €142 per person per month

This centre has a lot to offer as a business and meeting center. The facade of natural stone gives the building a contemporary look. You enter a spacious entrance with a modern reception desk. The office units which are part of the business center are finely furnished and fully equipped. The working atmosphere at this centre enhances focus and productivity, with an abundance of natural light flooding these elegant workspace solutions, owing to the impressive floor to ceiling windows. Here, you can also make full use of the centre’s onsite parking, as well as a number of support services to help your company operate as efficiently as possible.

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Kanaaldijk-Zuid, Eindhoven

Eindhoven - Kanaaldijk-Zuid

From €200 per person per month

This business center is located near the centre of Eindhoven, alongside the canal. This location is within easy reach of several highways, train station Eindhoven central and the city centre. Each unit has its own address and front door. Customers can use the closed parking place, parking is included in the services. There’s office space available from 21 to 125m² from € 350,- a month. All prices are all-in and with full service. If you are looking for an office space, studio, workshop space or a hall, this business centre is the place to be. This centre is accessible 24 hours a day, so you can work on your terms!

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Kennedyplein , North Brabant

Eindhoven, North Brabant - Kennedyplein

From €267 per person per month

Found just north of Eindhoven’s central bus and train station in the Fellenoord business district, this business centres is in one of the city’s most iconic structures. With Eindhoven being a technology and design haven, this is the perfect place to be. Offering a wide range of work solutions you can choose to work in a private modern offices or open co-working spaces. You will have access to beautiful meeting rooms and business lounges, which are perfect for informal meetings. The terms are flexible and rates are affordable, with super-fast internet connection throughout the building to ensure you can work efficiently.

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Luchthavenweg, Eindhoven

Eindhoven - Luchthavenweg

From €350 per person per month

This centre is a buildng has a very open light structure, with many windows and very wide open spaces. Right now there are more and more office clients, and fewer fashion companies. The centre can offer offices from 20 m² up to 2000 m², providing high versatility for companies of any background. At this wonderful space, there are quality facilities that will enable your business to develop successfully. For example, you can take advantage of its copy and printing facilities, conference facilities and company signage. There is also a fitness suite onsite, as well as an eatery for your added convenience.

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Noord Brabantlaan, North Brabant

Eindhoven, North Brabant - Noord Brabantlaan

From €320 per person per month

This centre is modern and spacious, perfect for any sized business. It is equipped with cutting-edge facilities that will enable success. You can drop in and work in the lounge, take a dedicated desk or a private office, all accessible 24 hours a day. With private meeting rooms, reception services and a voicemail service to keep you connected, you can run your business with ease at this centre. This space has previously hosted a wide variety of events for some of the world’s largest brands, from TED talks to award ceremonies, and can cater for 1,200 guests. The space is accessible 24/7, allowing you to work through any hour you desire!

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Noord Brabantlaan 265, Eindhoven, Eindhoven

Eindhoven - Noord Brabantlaan 265, Eindhoven

From €425 per person per month

The business center is new and modern in a surprisingly green environment. There’s a lounge with a view over the canal and several meeting rooms throughout the building. Free meeting rooms for costumers, free coffee/tea and a full-time reception. They’ll receive your guests or mail and answer your calls when you’re unable to. There’s office space available from 16m2 to 600m2 from € 425,- per month. Other options include a virtual office, as well as meeting and conference rooms so you have plenty of options for your collaborative projects. All prices are all-in and with full service, allowing full flexibility for your convenience.

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