Top 3 Startup Industries in Australia

  It cannot be denied that Australia has one of the most stable economies of the world. It may not be a superpower like the US, but it certainly boasts of a good and high standards of living, high GDP rates and overall ranks as the 13th strongest economy in the world, as reported by Forbes.   Australia’s startup scene is not as rapid or competitive as its Asia-Pacific... Read More

3 Challenges of Setting Up a Startup In Doha and How to Overcome Them

Like its neighboring Arab countries, Doha (capital of Qatar), is very rich because of its oil industry. It is a progressive, modern city with over 1.5 million residents, and the bulk of its economic power all come from its gas and oil companies. Lately, the city also intensified its tourism industry in an effort to lessen their dependence on fuel and oil reserves.   Despite efforts... Read More

Top 3 Startup Industries in China

  China is known as the manufacturing capital of the world. All from plastics, electronic, toys, glass and many more are manufactured and imported from China. However, its booming cities are now also home to numerous startups and multinational/international companies.   Cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing are fast becoming tech and innovation hubs - aside from... Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest and Do Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong might be largely considered as a tourist and shopping hotspot outside of Mainland China, but it is also a powerful economic hub and business centre that can stand to rival even Mainland China itself.   Experienced investors and entrepreneurs have no qualms when it comes to Hong Kong. This is because once you have made it well in China, it is almost a 100% guarantee that... Read More