Top 3 Coworking Spaces in Paris



With the recent Brexit in London, many entrepreneurs are already thinking of moving investments elsewhere to enjoy the benefits of trade and tax policies by virtue of a country’s membership in the European Union (EU). One of the most viable option is of course, Paris.


Paris is not essentially new in the startup and innovation game. In fact, it had been listed as the 5th best European city for startups in 2016 as reported by the European Digital City Index. London still remained the first city on that list, but some anticipate significant changes in the market and business policies of the UK in the next few years, as a consequence of dropping out of the EU.


According to industry experts, the reason why Paris is held back in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship is because of the rather conservative approach of the majority of its professional workforce. The great minds and ultra rich would rather dabble on relatively safer professions such as banking, finance and the legal profession.


However, with new programs that encourage an entrepreneurial mindset plus the emergence of more aggressive angel investors and venture capitalists in the city, it seems that the landscape might change in the next five years or so. The city of love also guarantees great infrastructure, education, healthcare, tax policies and efficient governance that are key towards better business in any city.


Of course, Paris’s infrastructure is not exclusive to the arts and culture, but it now also includes a slew of coworking space options that are best for young and starting entrepreneurs to work and brainstorm ideas in. Below are three of the most notable ones:


Station F

Station F is a fairly new coworking space. It just opened last year, in June 2017 and founded by French billionaire, Xavier Neal. It garnered a lot of excitement and attention from all across the entrepreneurial scene because it is not simply any type of coworking space, it is essentially a “startup ecosystem” in one roof.


Aside from work desks for freelancers, students and small startups, Station F has partnered with major tech companies such as Microsoft and Facebook to easily connect them to startups with innovative ideas and products. Investors and venture capital firms are also welcomed in the same roof, so founders and startup companies can easily find sources of funding.


Station F is also committed to creating a clean and eco-friendly work and business hub. It also provides a hip kitchen, cafe and entertainment corners with great games and books. Station F is also very budget-friendly – even offering a 10% discount for students and unemployed individuals.


Rates start at €240 a month, but leasing options are very flexible. They also offer a daily rate for only €24, and an hourly rate of only €5!



Like Station F, Anticafé is also a hip and eco-friendly coworking space. However, its main target are students and young professionals/freelancers alike, although it is also a great meeting place for small teams and startups.


Anticafé is like a coffee shop, resto and working space all in one. It offers an alternative venue for students who cannot study in their dorm rooms, or are simply looking for a better study area aside from their school library. It’s also perfect for freelancing individuals and graduate students who are looking to finish an academic paper.


Their rates are very friendly. At only €4 for the first hour and €2 for every consecutive hour, individuals can enjoy a work space (with WiFi), library and games room with cards and board games. Of course, the hourly rate comes with free, unlimited coffee and a few snacks that include some biscuits and brioche.


Other food items are also available for an additional fee. Their juices and lemonades are also freshly pressed and homemade. Food choices also include healthy options that are sourced from the local farmer’s market.



Hubsy is a coworking space that offers a more homey vibe. It offers a peaceful and cosy area where freelancers can work in quiet. Sure enough, with its spacious desks, comfortable chairs and soft music playing in the background, it is an area where productivity can run high.


Like Anticafe, Hubsy also starts at an hourly rate of €4, but you can have all-day access for only €16 – it is probably the most affordable coworking space in Paris. It also has a snacks buffet where workers can help themselves with a fresh roasted cup of coffee, tea, biscuits, cookies, cakes and apples.