Top Locations for an Office in Dublin

dublin-at-nightAs the capital city of Ireland, Dublin is a major economic and education hub in the country. Many industries and international companies have set up their headquarters in this city. This includes Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.


The city is also home to many IT-related firms and tech entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their startups via serviced offices in Dublin. Aside from that, the Irish capital is well-known for:


  • A picturesque landscape with several historic and cultural landmarks 


  • There is a multi-cultural pool of talent in the city because of the nearby colleges and universities


  • It also has a lively nightlife culture with numerous pubs and clubs


  • The city is generally small, and people can just bike or walk around without any issues. Public transport is also cheap. It is easy to hop on a bus and go on a short nature getaway.


It is popular with tech-entrepreneurs who like to lease serviced offices in the city. The usual cost of a serviced space starts at €300 and could go as high as €500 or more, depending on the location and size of the office.


The good thing with serviced office spaces is that entrepreneurs like you don’t have to worry about the cost of furniture, office tools and other utilities and amenities. All of these things are already taken care of and you just have to pay the monthly invoice.


office-building-in-dublinDemand for coworking space in the city is rather low. Most of the people who are aiming to establish a business in the city usually prefer private workspaces. However, many office providers can also accommodate special requests when it comes to the size of the office. So it can be customised depending on the number of people you have on your team.


The following are the most ideal areas for renting an office in Dublin.


1. Dublin Central


tram-in-dublinAdvantage: Understandably, the Dublin Central is home to many commercial centers such as financial, shopping, retail, lifestyle and leisure districts. This area is also the busiest and most crowded in the city and thus offers good business opportunities.It is also home to several office buildings.


Disadvantage: Dublin is very well known for its bad traffic and undisciplined drivers (even among city bikers) especially during festival days, so transportation and the streets in general could be a pain here. Parking areas could also be a problem but it depends on your office location.


2. North Dublin


Advantage: This area is known for its financial organisations which includes the main bank and offices of Citibank. This is a perfect area for entrepreneurs who have to travel in and out of the country as it is near the airport. Most importantly, rent is considerably cheaper in the Northside as compared to other areas in Dublin.


Disadvantage: There are certain areas in the Northside that are teeming with drug addicts and general vagrants, so it’s best to observe caution and avoid certain street corners especially at night.


3. West Dublin


parking-garage-in-west-dublinAdvantage: This is a good location if you want to avoid Dublin Central and if your business is focused in a different city such as Limerick or Cork. West Dublin was once the most laidback area in the region, but recent developments have made it a progressive district. Now the area offers new and better employment opportunities, transportation links and cheaper housing.


Disadvantage: Although it is continuously developing, West Dublin is not as busy as compared to the previously mentioned areas. This could pose a disadvantage for most businesses. The place is however considered a good residential area.


4. Dublin Docklands


view-of-dublin-docklandsAdvantage: Dublin Docklands serves as a sort of extension of Dublin Central and many finance and IT companies are situated here. The area is also consistently attracting more and more investors and continues to be a thriving business hub in the city.


On top of that, the area has an association for entrepreneurs which makes it a great place for networking and airing out business concerns. Moreover, it is very near the central, so other business areas are easily accessible.


Disadvantage: Despite being a progressive hub for business and commerce, good office space options in Dublin Docklands can be quite elusive. The area is also rife with housing issues due to strict planning regulations that discourage apartment construction. Most areas in the Dublin Docklands also implement a policy for low-rise buildings only so options for office space is limited.


Even though it could be difficult to find the perfect office in Dublin, you can make the process easier by scouring the internet first. You can browse through and simply search for available spaces or a shared office in Dublin. You can even request a free quote and plan according to your budget.


Aside from Dublin, you can also opt to search for office spaces in nearby cities and even in other countries. Start your search by going here.