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Benefits Of Using Find My Workspace

Benefits Of Using Find My Workspace
  • Our service is FREE for all clients
  • We have the largest database of offices in the world
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  • It is our job to find the most suitable solutions for our clients
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DohaDoha Serviced Offices

Doha is the capital and economic center of Qatar, traditionally home to large oil and gas companies. However the city has recently diversifying into construction, finance, real estate and tourism.

Starting a business in Doha is one of the easiest way to connect with Qatar market, however, to be able to trade in the city businesses must have a physical office and receiving municipal approval may be a long and difficult process.

Fortunately, there is a great alternative in the form of Doha serviced offices, which have already been approved and are hugely popular with foreign forms wanting to enter this lucrative market.

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DubaiDubai Serviced Offices

Dubai is the most populous of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates. The economy was originally driven by oil, however the nation has diversified into aviation, tourism, real estate and financial services.

Dubai is also a global transportation hub that connects a number of international airlines to destinations worldwide. Most development in the city has been focused around the World Trade Centre, Dubai International Finance Centre, and Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the main road crossing for the emirates.

Having a business in the state provides access to the booming Middle East market and having a serviced office in Dubai provides a great way to circumnavigate the strict business policies that companies must adhere to in the Emirate.

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Hong Kong CityHong Kong Serviced Offices

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading financial centers with a highly developed service economy, easy access to nearby countries and a low tax rate.

Despite its relatively small geographic size, the city has the highest population of corporate headquarters in the Asia Pacific area and is a key location for businesses wanting to trade in the region.

Compared to its neighbors, Hong Kong has less restrictions when it comes to setting up businesses and the Hong Kong serviced office market is hugely popular among companies wanting to set up a basis to connect with other countries throughout Asia and the Pacific.

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Singapore CitySingapore Serviced Offices

Singapore, a sovereign city-state, is a leading business center and is one of the four largest financial centers in the world.

Its highly developed economy is serviced by the finance, electronics, and manufacturing industries and there are many advantages to setting up a business in Singapore as it has some of the most business friendly regulations in the region.

Most businesses wanting a presence in the city find that Singapore serviced offices are the best choice due to their low cost and flexibility, compared to a traditional office lease, which can often mean commitment of up to five years.

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